Meet our team leaders.

Cycling team columbus, ohio. Bike racers. 
Cycling Columbus, Ohio. Bike racing.

Tori steen - team captain

Nickname: "Tori Steen why you gotta be so mean!"

Gnarliest experience: It's a toss up between Mohican 100 mile mountain bike race top 10 finish or biking down a snowy mountain in Asheville NC during training camp (on a road bike), and narrowly missing getting frostbite by confiscating a strangers car, and convincing him to save 7 hangry Shredders from eminent demise in the inclement weather.

Favorite thing on a bike: Everything! Coffee rides! Crit racing! Cyclocross season! Shredding a sweet trail!

Motivational phrase: Every time I'm redlining and can hardly see straight in my head I hear, "Do you think that's air you're breathing?"

Cycling Columbus, Ohio. Bike racing.

marilyn rayner - cyclocross captain

Nickname: May Ray.

Gnarliest experience: It's a tie between trying a step-up jump that landed me (hah, pun) in the urgent care and failing on a drop off and landing in a handstand on a log. Either way, a mountain biking experience, for sure.

Favorite thing on a bike: Winning the holeshot. 

Motivational phrase: "Imma cashew!"

Cycling Columbus, Ohio. Bike racing.

Emily dreyer - road captain

Nickname: Em. 

Gnarliest experience: Suffering through my first and only stage race with my teammates in Vermont - Green Mountain Stage Race.

Favorite thing on a bike: Girl talk rides.

Motivational phrase: "I can't go to Taco Bell. I'm on an all-carb diet." - Regina George

Cycling Columbus, Ohio. Bike racing.

natalie arkfeld - mountain bike captain 

Nickname: The tortoise.

Gnarliest experience: Letting off my brakes trying to keep up with Marilyn on a downhill horse trail we thought was part of the mountain bike trail and subsequently braking my wrist when things got too gnarly.

Favorite thing on a bike: Dancing in the woods on my cannondale habit.

Motivational phrase: I am strong.

Cycling Columbus, Ohio. Bike racing.

Meagan gherke - membership liaison, Social media manager

Nickname: Gherke Turkey

Gnarliest experience: Completing my first gravel ride on my cx bike set up for racing. My chainring was too big, so I had to grind up the climbs, and my tires were the skinniest ones there, so I was flying down these loose, twisting descents that had my heart racing.

Favorite thing on my bike: My bells and my saddle. I have FINALLY found the perfect saddle, and I couldn't be happier.

Motivational phrase: They're not THAT far ahead!